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Writers Festival - Tamil - Singapore
Date : 2007-12-01
Could you kindly help us encourage and bring all your family, friends and contacts to the following Tamil programmes during the Writers Festival. All ethnic programmes would have translations, hence it would be a perfect opportunity to learn more about ethnic literature! If it helps you can even send out this email to all friends and contacts whom may be interested and encourage them to spread the word too.

1) Thursday, 6 December
Meet-the-Author: Lena Tamilvannan
6pm - 7pm
Living Room
A well-known personality amongst the Tamil community, this publisher has edited a staggering 3400 books! He is also an accomplished writer on a range of topics. Come listen to Tamilvannan as he shares secrets of the publishing industry, advice to young writers, his creative influences and works.

2) Saturday, 8 December
Red & White: Tomorrow and Today - A Look at Tamil Literature
1pm - 2pm
Featuring: KTM Iqbal, Murugadiyan, M Balakrishnan, S.P. Thinnappan
What are the challenges facing Tamil Literature? What is its current state and how wil it remain relevant in today's world and in Singapore? A panel involving some of Singapore's most talented and established Tamil writers, the ins and outs of Tamil literature will be discussed and conversed. We invite you to find out more!!

Should you have any queries, do feel free to contact me. If not, we look forward to seeing you at our festival!!

Jau Chern

Ms Koh Jau Chern · Manager, Literary Arts · National Arts Council · 140 Hill Street #03-01, MICA Building, Singapore 179369 Tel: 65-67464622 DID: 65-68379536 Fax: 65-68373017

Don't miss the literary event of the year - a vibrant celebration of books and writers! The Singapore Writers Festival 2007 presents over 130 exciting programmes from 1-9 Dec. Check out
www.singaporewritersfestival.com for more details.
Web : www.singaporewritersfestival.com/home.html..
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